The Black Catalogue Black Hole Maker

 Black Catalogue.  “Lost In Space” by Slope114.


We needed a way to make a vortex through time.


_Cern has indeed been experimenting along similar lines for decades but some of us have known the proper method for many years now. A “Black Hole Maker” can be assembled very compact. The Technology involved is in-fact from the 1970s but not exactly from this “hue of time” (for lack of better explanation). Its pretty technical in ways that people on this plane aren’t currently adept. / you won’t believe it but here goes:


_All I will say is that we do posses the power to create a vortex through time & it involves Australian unicorns & a half Chinese , half Russian engineer from another universe that was parallel to ours for a short period in 1974.

_If you need me, Ill be soaking in a bath of activated beat juice, surrounded by pa horns blasting 528hz at 39 db until my “matter is properly in order again”. (Don’t ask)


The most difficult part of traveling this way is that… Ive lost the ability to perceive time as linear


Ok I’ve been back and forth between the two time dimensions on several occasions now. The development of this “Black Hole Maker” is almost done. Ive been lucky to have worked hard along side the 12th dimension’s brightest engineers to bring this to our world. Its taken its tole & I’m exhausted but it will be well worth it.

_This device was developed for the sole purpose of driving the occupying alien colony out of our governments & corporations, back to the 5th phase of 16th dimension Mars time where they came from! They have been silently colonizing our planet since the 50s, attempting to poison us & kill us off with bad ideas & GMO. So they can colonize without a fight. I’m not gonna put up with this *%&^#@. Time to play FLUSH THE LIZARD DOWN THE TIME TOILET!!!!!